Menswear | February 27, 2020 12:14 pm

Deal: This Retro North Face Vest Is 30% Off

It's like a jacket, but without the sleeves

Deal: This Retro North Face Vest Is 30% Off

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When it comes to outerwear, the vest is largely underrated and overlooked. But why? When you think about it, it’s an ideal piece of clothing for transitional weather — a jacket without the sleeves! And if you happen to be sporting, say, a really cool long-sleeve t-shirt with some graphics on the sleeve, the vest will allow you the opportunity to show them off and stay warm.

If you’re looking to embark on your vest journey, look no further than The North Face’s Nuptse 1996 Packable Quilted Down Vest, now 30% off at Nordstrom. This particular vest comes in a fun 90s inspired colorway and design. Of course, it being from The North Face, it features an extremely durable and water-repellant shell, so if you do happen to participate in any outdoorsy activities, it’ll capably endure the elements. Or, you could just wear it in your day-to-day, ’cause why not?