Menswear | February 28, 2020 12:47 pm

Score a Sneaky Deal on an Underrated Patagonia Jacket

Canvas on the outside, cozy fleece on the inside

man in a canvas jacket
You won't find this discount on Patagonia's website.
Urban Outfitters

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When we think of Patagonia jackets, our brains immediately go to fleece or technical-wear (you know, that proprietary, weather-resistant, high-tech mumbo jumbo). But Yvon Chouinard’s outdoor behemoth does old-school gear just as well, and we found a smoking deal on one such layer at a place we didn’t expect. 

Patagonia’s Maple Grove Canvas Jacket, featuring a water-repellent stretch canvas lined with cozy fleece, is currently $60 off at Urban Outfitters. Yes, I know you’d normally balk at the idea of shopping at UO, but they’ve been one of our secret shopping destinations lately, offering some of our favorite brands at prices you won’t find elsewhere. (This coat is full price over on Patagonia’s own site.)

The canvas outer layer is available in tan, grey and olive in pretty much all sizes, so go ahead and pick one up while it’s on sale — it’ll last you just as many years as Patagonia’s futuristic gear, if not more.