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Deal: Eight Items Our Staff Wants From the Backcountry Winter Sale

We have very, very good taste

Deal: Eight Items Our Staff Wants From the Backcountry Winter Sale

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If there’s one thing we take extremely seriously here at InsideHook, it’s Backcountry’s annual winter sale. With 100-plus pages to sift through and some items more than 50% off, this behemoth of a sale is no joking matter. And since it means so much to us, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to guide you in the direction of what to buy by showing you eight products we want. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands — we have excellent taste, in case you haven’t noticed. All of our picks are no-brainer purchases and are pretty great if we do say so ourselves. So listen to us, we know what we’re talking about, people.

Nike Breathe Rise 365 Long-Sleeve Shirt

At some point yesterday, I decided I was going to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May, and then at some point a little later in the day, I decided I was going to do everything in my power to convince every single person at InsideHook to run it with me, while of course shaming anyone who refuses to participate. So naturally, because I am a materialistic jerk, I immediately started thinking about all the cool stuff I’ll need for training throughout the winter and spring. This simple, moisture-wicking long-sleeve running shirt from Nike will prove to be a versatile piece — as a baselayer during the colder months and on its own when the temps warm up. — Mike Conklin, Executive Editor

Airblaster Sassy Sweater

Backcountry’s description of this sweater likens its softness to “a soft coat of fur,” so it’s safe to assume it’s pretty damn soft. Plus, how cute is the lil’ sasquatch/yeti fella? I have so many questions about him — is he wearing sunglasses or are those supposed to be his eyes? Why is he so sassy? Also, is he giving the middle finger? Who is he? I want this sweater just so I can inspire the same confusion and questions in other people, and then I want them to ask themselves, “Who is that girl wearing the sasquatch sweater?” Just think how mysterious you’ll look wearing it. — Lee Cutlip, Editorial Intern

Buff CoolNet UV+ Print Buff

As an avid snowboarder, these silly head socks have saved my facial bacon countless times from the wind, sun, driving snow, whatever. And should I ever decide to rob a train, the red bandana pattern has me covered in classic style. — Danny Agnew, Creative Director

Patagonia Black Hole 55L Duffel Bag

The thing about Backcountry is that their best deals are usually on odd colors. On clothing, that’s a bummer. But on Patagonia’s everyone-should-have-one duffel bag? It’s actually a blessing. You’ll never lose your bag at the airport (or anywhere else, for that matter) when it’s “deep plum,” “birch white,” “hammonds gold” or “sage khaki.” And with the almost indestructible construction, you’ll never have to retire it, either. – Alex Lauer, Senior Editor

ALO YOGA 7/8 High-Waist ALOSOFT Sheila Legging

For someone who does not go to yoga nearly enough as she should, my closet contains unjustifiable amounts of yoga pants. Why? Cause they’re comfortable as fuck, I can wear them pretty much anywhere and if I may say so myself, my ass looks great in them. All of this means nothing to you. You sir have no interest in wearing high-waisted multi-colored leggings (or maybe you do, I don’t judge). But the lady in your life that you love so much definitely does, and these ALOSOFT Sheila leggings are smooth, stretchy, adorable and you know she’d look great in them, whether that’s at the gym or just on the couch watching The Bachelor. — Logan Mahan, Editorial Intern

Mountain Hardwear Keele Hooded Jacket

I’m a hoodie guy, but when the temperature dips below 50 I’m forced to go with a bulkier, less comfy layer (and in all-black, too, because that’s the New York City uniform). The Keele offers an ideal compromise — it’s a softshell jacket that’s tough on the outside (“withstands abrasion from rugged granite walls” … sure, why not), soft fleece on the interior, a coating that’ll wick away rain and a fixed hood for sudden inclement weather. Plus, a nice splash of contrasting colors. Forget the mountains, this is perfect for surviving city winters. — Kirk Miller, Managing Editor

Salomon XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoe

Put simply, the best all-purpose trail shoe on earth. It’s light and flexible enough for trail runs, sturdy enough for sketchy downhills and hardy enough for multi-day treks. The tread can’t be beat for traction and it’s got a wide toe box that really allows you to splay out your toes for the control you need on an aggressive hike or run. The only thing missing with this version is true waterproofing — you’ll need the GTX version for that. But at this price point, you really can’t go wrong. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Prana Kaola Hooded Sweater 

Prana’s been stitching wares in Fair Trade factories since 1993, and the majority of them are built for yoga, climbing and swimming. Pretty much everything the Carslbad, California-based label makes is criminally comfy, though, so this is proper all-purpose wear. I can vouch for the Kaola Hooded Sweater for plane rides and chilly nights at the beach. — Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor