Menswear | December 2, 2020 11:31 am

Deal: Brooklinen’s Discounted Loungewear Will Get You Through the Winter

Yes, you need clothes from the company that sells sheets

Brooklinen men's loungewear
Nab discounts on Brooklinen's line of loungewear for a limited time.

On its face, the idea of buying clothing from a company that built its reputation on bed sheets, and later towels, is fairly odd. You don’t go to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a new pair of jeans. But when you think about it, Brooklinen — that direct-to-consumer king of stylish, comfortable and durable linens — seemed primed to translate that acumen into stylish, comfortable and durable loungewear.

For a limited time, Brooklinen is offering 15% off sitewide, but you should take that discount and use it on said loungewear, a line that includes both men’s and women’s apparel ranging from hoodies to henleys to sweatpants that they’ve named with more sophisticated nomenclature (Bushwick Pant, Bergen Jogger). 

We’ve been singing the praises of Brooklinen’s sweats for a while, and we particularly like the aforementioned fleece pants, the Bond Henley and the Classon Sweatshirt; and, as you’ll see when looking through the styles, so have other people. Sizes are sparse on some items, which means other people are realizing that, while these WFH, weekend and lounge-worthy clothes look basic, they beat the competition all day when it comes to both comfort and cut, meaning you won’t look sloppy compared to your bargain pair of sweats. This is the type of loungewear you can feel justified in mixing into your everyday, actually-leaving-the-house wardrobe.

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