Menswear | June 21, 2022 12:44 pm

The 12 Best Lightweight Suits to Keep Things Cool This Summer

Calling all seersucker stans

a collage of lightweight suits

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With your summer social calendar filling up the way it is, there is, you are very likely in need of some warm-weather-appropriate tailoring. Summer suiting offers much in the way of crazy cuts, relaxed hues bold patterns, and much like some of the other fashionable flexes cropping up of late, we’re here for it.

The number one culprit for a sweaty, soggy suiting experience? Not knowing your fabrics. Tuck the wool, polyester, and heavy cotton away for the cool embrace of fall; right now, ultra-light materials like linen, seersucker and chambray should be your textiles of choice. Lightweight cotton here or there is another good option, and the magnanimous nature of tropical wool makes it a notable no-wool exception. As a general rule of thumb, breathability is king, fellas!

If your current suit rotation isn’t up to the task of a jam-packed summer, you’re in luck. Household heritage retailers and Italian luxury labels alike have answered the call with a slew of sick options for stunting at the summer function. Even better, we’re here to highlight some of the worthwhile styles. From an all-gas-no-breaks Corridor banger to a classic chambray cut courtesy of Bonobos, the best summer suits while keeping you feeling comfy and looking hot, hot, hot! Below, 12 of our favorite warm-weather tailoring to keep things cool this summer.

a model in a cream J.Crew linen suit against the ocean

J.Crew Ludlow Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit

J.Crew’s trusted Ludlow suit, now in a breezy Irish cotton-linen blend. What’s not to like?

a model in a grey bonobos chambray summer suit on a grey background

Bonobos Chambray Suit

Don’t get it twisted; chambray may be perceived as a bit more informal than its linen and seersucker counterparts, but Bonobos’s dashingly modern suit is all but guaranteed to win best dressed.

a model in the Buck Mason Carry-On Suit on a grey background
Buck Mason

Buck Mason Carry-On Suit

If your destination necessitates packing light, Buck Mason’s aptly-named Carry-On Suit works swimmingly.

a navy Bogali Suit Jacket and Pantson a grey background
Mr. Porter

Boglioli Slim-Fit Unstructured Cotton-Seersucker Suit

Italian tailor Boglioli make some of the finest garments known to man, and their cotton-seersucker suit is no exception

A tan madras Banana Republic Suit on a tan background
Banana Republic

Banana Republic Madras Suit

A madras suit can do no wrong in the summer, as proven by Banana Republic’s subtle styling.

a model in a light blue striped Indochino suit on a grey background

Indochino Kelbrook Check Suit

A dressier option at an economical price, Indochino’s Kelbrook Check Suit is as solid a summer pick as they come.

two model shots of the Corridor Linen Patchwork Suit on a grey background

Corridor Linen Patchwork Short Suit

Remember when we said no shorts? Corridor’s wavy Patchwork Suit is the obvious exception.

a model in a biege uniqlo suit, blue shirt and blue tie, sitting down

Uniqlo Ultra-Light Suit

If you’re looking for a suit that won’t break the bank, Uniqlo’s surprisingly sleek Ultra-Light Suit is a strong contender. Well under $150, the suit’s DRY tech fabric proves more that worth in the baking afternoon sun.

a model in a black linen Stoffa suit on a grey background

Stoffa Double Breasted Linen Suit

Stoffa’s double-breasted black linen suit is a vision in luxe, laid-back comfort.

a green cotton suit from Ted Baker London on a grey background

Ted Baker London Tampa Slim-Fit Strech Cotton Suit

Ted Baker London’s Tampa Suit proves that a cotton blend — with a little help from some stretchy elastane — can still be a viable summer fabric.

two model shots of the Alex Mill Madras Suit on a white background
Alex Mill

Alex Mill Madras Alex Blazer and Standard Pleated Pants

The paper-thin Alex Mill madras suit straddles the tailoring/pajama line perfectly.

a product shot of the Drake's Hemp Game Suit on a grey background

Drake’s Cotton Hemp Games Suit Mk. IV

Neighbor across the pond Drakes are renowned for their elegant tailoring, and their Games Suit — reamde with breathable fiber hemp — remains as comfortable, practical and unfussy as ever.