Be a Man and Fetch Yourself Some Matching Shirts and Shorts
By Eli London / July 13, 2020 12:21 pm

This has not been a sartorially memorable summer by any means. If you’ve used a button in the last three months, it was more likely to have been on a remote control than a piece of fabric.

All this time cooped up has many of us itching to get out of the house, whether for good reasons (doing essential work, protesting systemic oppression) or mediocre ones (getting a haircut, buying a margarita in an oversized sippy cup). Stay-at-home restrictions have steadily eased around the country, and hopefully they will stay that way, because that means we’re on the other side of the much-discussed “curve.” 

Forecast ahead a few months, and you may even be able to go on a much-needed vacation, where you’ll want to relax but also look good doing it. One of the best ways to do that? Matching top and bottom sets. Yes, like the ones the Von Trapp clan wore in The Sound of Music, only sportier, comfier and ideally involving fewer lederhosen.

Most of the ones you’ll find in store windows these days come in bold patterns tailor made for summer, and vitally, they can be worn as separates if you pair either half with a solid, which means you can pack lighter and still have a ton of versatility in your wardrobe. Below, we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting 11 brands that offer some very snazzy sets to keep you kitted out this summer, whether it’s in the tropics or just your own back yard.

Banks Journal Bone Set

From the legendary Newport Beach surf brand comes this multi-colored, vertically striped set that brings bright retro ‘70s vibes without being overly gaudy.

Daily Paper

An Amsterdam-based streetwear brand bringing a bit of prep to the table with a two-sided seersucker set. It will draw compliments but not stares.

Saturdays NYC Striped Polka Dot

The popular New York surf brand features a top made from Tencel, a natural wood-based fabric, and bottom draw-string trunks made from nylon. 

Hartford Blue Jungle Set

Hartford does a hybrid of French and American classics. This set features a lightweight cotton top and nylon bottoms with mesh lining.

Mavrans Pantera Set

This set from Mavrans is made from recycled plastic if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option. They’re also quick dry, so they’re perfect for beachside vacations. 

Club Monaco Ikat Stripe

This combo features a 100% cotton top and half cotton, half linen bottoms for increased breathability in hotter conditions. The chain-like pattern is unique without being in your face.

Native Youth Kuban

The British brand Native Youth does a slightly boxier fit up top along with drawstring shorts, both in seersucker fabric.

Come Back As A Flower Oatmeal Tie-Dye

If you’re going for more of a streetwear look, try this set from Come Back As A Flower, made from 100% recycled cotton.

Bather Blue Gradient Cheetah Camp

The Toronto-based brand offers a polychromatic cheetah print that will make you look like a chameleon caught mid-color-shift.

OAS Peach Terry

Sometimes it’s not the pattern that stands out, but the material. This set from Swedish resort wear brand OAS is made from terry cloth and features a delightfully peachy tone. Soft and comfy.

Marine Layer Palm Print

The SF-based surf brand comes through with a palm print for the ages. Both breathable and stretchy.

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