Menswear | August 13, 2020 10:55 am

Deal: Pair of Thieves and Amazon Team Up for Affordable Bundles of Wardrobe Basics

Packs of flashy and comfy tees, socks and underwear for just $20-$35

Pair of Thieves
Packs of everyday wardrobe basics are as little as $20 on Amazon

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As I was sorting my wardrobe recently (#quarantinegoals), I noticed one huge deficiency: the basics.

Socks, underwear, tees — the layers of my everyday life were cheaply made and uncomfortable to wear, particularly in summer.

To elevate these layers, I started stocking up at Pair of Thieves. The LA-based brand used to just be about socks, but they’ve taken their modest prices, flashy patterns and fabric know-how (it’s all about stretch, breathability and moisture wicking) into shirts and underwear.

And starting this week, they’ve teamed up with Amazon to offer exclusive packs of their socks ‘n jocks.

Pair of Thieves

Their eight-piece Amazon collection features socks, men’s underwear and
undershirts in various styles and patterns. Four-pack socks in crew, cushion
crew and cushion no-show are $20, while three-pack men’s underwear (in “super fit” boxer briefs and trunks) are $35 … which is also the same price for a three-pack of undershirts (tanks, V-neck and crew tees).

There’s certainly some flash here in the design, but if you want to stick with the greys, blacks and whites, those (yawn) everyday styles are available.