15 Shorts for Doing Nothing But Lounging
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By Lee Cutlip / April 23, 2020 10:15 am

The days where you can comfortably wear sweatpants are starting to dwindle. As the temperature steadily creeps up, they’ll prove to be more of a burden than a source of comfort. But what is one to do when they can no longer feasibly wear sweatpants without sweating profusely? How is one expected to properly lounge? The horror!

Before you resort to going sans pants altogether (but hey, if that’s your prerogative, more power to you) there is a simple solution: shorts. Yes, those miraculous articles of clothing that provide all the comfort of sweatpants while also allowing for the occasional breeze.

Below you’ll find 15 pairs of shorts — some sweats, some nylon, some corduroy, even — conducive to optimal lounging and comfort. And if you feel so inclined, you can even workout in many of them (or at least masquerade as a runner). So go ahead, let those gams breathe.

Nike Sportswear Club Graphic Shorts

Nike pretty much dominates the athletic shorts market, and for good reason — they’re comfortable, basic and can often be had for less than $40. Sure, you could opt for a more understated pair in grey and black, but we’re especially smitten with this mint green pair.

Outdoor Voices Nimbus Cotton Shorts

The beauty of Outdoor Voices’ Nimbus Cotton shorts is the elastic waistband, allowing you to stuff your face to your heart’s content. And if you’re feeling especially bold, you can get the hoodie to match.

Richer Poorer Sweat Shorts

It doesn’t get more practical than a pair of black, fleece-y sweat-shorts.

Penfield Renard Short

This workwear pair from Penfield aren’t as casual as your sweat variety, but if you’re in the mood to feel ever-so-slightly dressed up (by quarantine standards), they’d make a great addition to your next grocery run outfit.

Mollusk Corduroy Shorts

Yes, these are corduroy shorts but they’re a far cry from the thick, heavy material you’re probably thinking of. This lightweight corduroy won’t prove cumbersome and will lend you the air of a 70s surfer dude.

Rhone 4″ Swift Lined Knit Short

Who wears short shorts? You do! Or you should, because haven’t you heard? Women love when you do.

Stüssy Shell Shorts

While technically swim shorts, I’m of the mind that so-called swim trunks can (and should) be worn as everyday shorts. Besides, this magenta pair deserves to see the light of day.

Fourlaps 5″ Extend Short

If you actually intend to use shorts for both lounging and running, this running pair by Fourlaps are a fun retro-inspired option.

ALD Logo Short

Before you look at the price of these shorts just look at the color, I mean really take it in. It’s so good it’s almost worth justifying the $165 price tag.

Todd Snyder+Champion Lightweight Warm Up Short

Todd Snyder and Champion have been collabing for some time now to bring us plenty of lounge worthy options. Now their ever-popular Lightweight Warm Up short comes in an array of colors, but we’re partial to this mossy green pair.

Outerknown Sur Sweatshorts

Channel your inner Malibu beach bum with Outerknown’s Sur shorts. Even if you’re landlocked you can at least pretend.

adidas Originals Mélange Loopback Cotton-Jersey Drawstring Shorts

This list wouldn’t be complete without a pair of grey sweat-shorts. Who said grey sweatpant season had to be over?

Alife Basics Nylon Short

Maybe you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for middle-school gym class. These uniform-esque Alife shorts will transport you to those days of your youth, hopefully without all the body issues and anxiety.

Corridor SSB Crystal Blue Draw String Shorts

If you’ve had your fill of sweats material but don’t want to go completely in the opposite direction with a stiff chino pair, this pair from Corridor is the happy medium you’ve been searching for. Let the Crystal Blue color wash you with a sense of tranquility in a time when such a thing is increasingly hard to achieve.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Spa Terry Short

These have “Spa” in the name so they have to be comfortable, like a terry cloth bathrobe but for your legs.

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