Los Angeles | September 24, 2014 9:00 am

Hotel California

By The Editors

What people think of when they think of Southern California:

Old station wagons full of surfboards. The crackle of a bonfire. Brian Wilson crooning over worn-out vinyl.

As far as stereotypes go, one could do worse.

And you’ll find that Endless Summer-ness in full effect at The Goodland, a newly opened Kimpton Hotel seven miles from downtown Santa Barbara.

It’s even closer to the more secluded beaches in Goleta, and the hotel has complimentary bikes for cruising over. They’ll also take you in this gorgeously retrofitted Woody.

Your surfer-chic room comes with a vintage record player and the services of the Goodland’s “record concierge” — he’s got everything from Ray Charles to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Outside: a heated pool perched next to a massive lawn (aka the Preserve) where you can take core classes from Kelly Slater’s trainer or play a game of giant Jenga. Come nightfall, it’s s’mores, bean-bag chairs and old-school flicks like Gleaming the Cube on a big-screen.

There’s make-your-own guacamole in the hotel’s restaurant, Outpost, as well as pork buns and fish tacos.

Just take the 101 to the PCH and follow that to the Goodland.

It’s what a Californian would do.