Los Angeles | March 3, 2017 9:00 am

Six Variations on the Classic Work Shirt

Go ahead and wear ‘em eight days a week. They won’t mind.

The classic work shirt is the most versatile garment you can own this spring.

Typically done up in denim or chambray with a heavier hand than your standard button-up, it’s ideal for 60-70 degree days and always looks great layered over a T-shirt.

Here are six that’ll get the job done.

Best All Around: Rogue Territory Rinsed Neppy Denim

You could work on your motorcycle and then go straight to a meeting in this shirt. Selvedge denim, so it’s thick and gets better with wears. And you don’t need to wash it often.


Best for the Dog Days: Save Khaki

You probably don’t want to do any heavy lifting in this one, but it looks great and it’s lightweight enough not to suffocate you on hotter days.


Best for Working on Set: RRL

Spend your days in a studio park? The RRL Bulldog is for you. Dark colors mean stains won’t show up. Bonus: it’s on sale.


Best for Dressing Up: General Quarters Herringbone Field Shirt

Blair Lucio, who runs General Quarters, runs a small-batch private label that only releases new items when he finds high-quality fabrics to work with. This field shirt is done in Japanese Herringbone and made in L.A. You’ll own this one for a while.


Best on a Budget: Levi’s Stock Workshirt

Most the designers listed herein use heirloom-grade fabrics that get better over time, and that comes with a price. But if you’re looking for a great work shirt that won’t break the bank, you can’t beat Levi’s Stock Workshirt, a class denim number.


Best for Getting Stuck Out in the Cold: Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

Whether you’re leaving the waves after a morning surf or building a campfire as the sun is going down, Filson’s Vintage Flannel is the perfect mid-layer for warming your bones.