Los Angeles | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

Nine Out of Ten Men Never Take Off This Hoodie

The best damn athletic garb your money can buy

Hoodies have always been a little too Silicon Valley for me. And yet every morning when I head to the gym, I throw this one on.

Tailored, ultra soft, nice colors — I look down 12 hours later and I’m still wearing it.

It comes from Olivers, a former Kickstarter darling based in LA that does top-notch, all-day athleticwear.

All their gear pairs well with resolutions, butthese are the three pieces we suggest adding to your aresenal.

You buy one or more item — say, two shorts and two undies — and you save three bucks an item. We recommend bundling up thusly:

The Porter Hoodie

What sets it apart? It’s 98% merino wool, a natural fiber that insulates, is breathable, doesn’t hold odor and wears soft on your skin. The 2% spandex keeps it snug.


The All Over Short

What sets it apart? Aside from a classic, unbranded look that rises several inches above the knee, it has a nice inner pocket catch for your keys. The four-way stretch comes in handy on those kettlebell squats. No liner, so definitely buy some boxer briefs, too. 


The Convoy Tee

What sets it apart? Again, 100% merino wool, which not only keeps the stank at bay and adjusts to your body temp, but also looks damn handsome. You are more than welcome to wear this out on the town … assuming you aren’t coming directly from the gym.