Los Angeles | October 6, 2015 9:00 am

Here’s how to order off-menu in L.A.

Make everything Animal Style

By The Editors

Whether by app or second-hand knowledge, ordering off the menu is a pro move. Below, we round up a few of our favorite new off-menu orders around town — all vetted and ready for your adventurous bellies. Dig in.

The Order: Bone marrow burger. Short rib and bone marrow burger, served medium rare, topped with melted jack cheese and grilled onions, on a rye bun.

Barrel and Ashes
The Order: Smoked Fried Chicken N’ Hoecakes. Crispy fried chicken on top of a hoecake, which is a sizzling, sweet polenta-style cake slathered in butter.

Belcampo, West 3rd Location
The Order: Deluxe Burger. Two Fast Burger patties, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, onion rings, and a kale slaw tossed with sambal aioli, all on top of a sesame brioche bun.

Butchers and Barbers
The Order: Fried bologna sandwich, aka the ideal late night sandwich. They make their mortadella in-house for the charcuterie plate. But they also slap it between a soft bun with pickle salad and yellow apple mustard.

Paninoteca at Scarpetta
The Order: Meatball sub. Chef Scott Conant’s meatballs are firm and fennel seed-flecked with an excellent tomato sauce and melted provolone that soaks into the crisp, flaky roll.

McConnell’s Ice Cream
The Order: The Endless Sammer. Pick any of their fresh-baked cookies along with any of their fresh-made ice creams and slap ’em together for an ice cream sandwich.

Plan Check, Fairfax
The Order: Truffle burger. The grilled cheese, made with truffles too, is the ideal bar bite if you’re watching the afternoon game. Call it the game changer. If you have a vegetarian with you, there’s an off-menu veggie burger that even a carnivore would love.

The Order: La Belle farms foie gras, black rice, green curry. Rich and smooth like Bruce Wayne.

The Order: Not Your Nonna’s Chopped Liver. Ask for it that way. It has candied pumpkin and pistachios and is served over grilled bread.

The Order: Onion soup poutine. French onion soup broth, gruyere cheese, chives and those super delicious crispy, golden double-blanched french fries.

Wally’s, Beverly Hills
The Order: Truffle Pocket. Their signature pizzetta dough filled with truffled buffalo mozzarella and truffle paste (truffles and porcini mushrooms), topped with shaved truffles.

Honorable Mention: The Za’atar salad at Sweetgreen, made by chefs Jon & Vinny, has romaine, parsley, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, raw beets, roasted chicken, za’atar pita chips and is topped with creamy sumac dressing. Runs for limited time.