Los Angeles | September 5, 2014 9:00 am

Flop House

By The Editors

House guests, like fish, keep for three days.

After that: send them to the Lombardi House, a fully restored Victorian mansion perched on a tree-lined portion of Bronson Avenue.

This used to be, in the parlance of old Hollywood, a flop house for actors and musicians when they first arrived in town.

Now it’s a beautifully restored home for extended stays, staycations and events.

Inside: four suites, each 2-3 bedrooms and loaded with gourmet kitchens and even washer/dryers.

Stock that kitchen with delicacies from the Oaks Market, walking distance away in Franklin Village — home to the UCB Theater, Franklin & Co. and La Poubelle Bistro.

Then enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee on their nice little balconies, where one can relax while gazing at ye ol’ hilltop Hollywood sign.

There’s a big lawn and a 1,000-square-foot barn for ho-downs of a relaxed elegance.

In other words: throw a house party — at someone else’s house.