By Reuben Brody / July 29, 2015 9:00 am

If you’ve ever seen Boogie Nights or picked up a vintage issue of Playboy, you know that things in the, ahem, industry have changed.

The erotic image used to suggest. Titillate. Tease. It took you to dinner before trying to get you into bed.

And then somewhere along the way, the art of it all — the carefully considered lighting, the soft shadows, the storytelling — got lost in the shuffle. Just ask Jack Horner.

But next Saturday, the Golden Age of erotica returns at Ninety-Two Photographs, a new exhibition at Superchief Gallery by New York-based photographer Jonathan Leder.

Leder’s work (warning: lots of NSFW in there) eschews digital enhancement and artificial lighting for the grainy, soft hues and blurred motions captured by 35mm and Polaroid.

It’s far sexier than most of the overproduced fare pervading the Interwebs these days.

Included in the roster of talent on display: Emily Ratajkowski, Playboy Playmates Britany Nola and Kayslee Collins, and Leder’s partner-in-crime (both at home and at Imperial Publishing), Amy Hood.

She’s also the muse you’ll find in several of Leder’s abstract erotic videos.  

Jack Horner would approve.

Nota bene: The exhibition catalogue will be on sale at Imperial Publishing

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