Los Angeles | February 8, 2016 9:00 am

Burlesque Inspired by David Lynch? Say No More.

The five LA art events you should see this month

By The Editors

Because you don’t have time to find your horizons (let alone broaden them), we give you Culture Samples, our essential guide to the cultural events every Angeleno should see, visit or at the very least be able to comment on half-intelligently at parties this month.

Break Bread


Banksy collaborator Scott Hove has built a 9,000-square-foot cake sculpture at Think Tank Gallery, and it’s the backdrop to Break Bread, a month of performances and pop-up dinner parties from the likes of the Whaling Club, Dinner Lab, Feastly and Supper Club. See the schedule.   

939 Maple Ave (map)

Think Tank Gallery

Feb 13 – Mar 13, 2016

L.A. Art Book Fair


Last year at the L.A. Art Book Fair at MOCA, your correspondent got a signed LP from Thurston Moore and several books for his coffee table that have started many conversations. There are thousands of books and quirky finds, like a version of Heart of Darkness that’s made to look like a travel magazine. And definitely check out the new books by Live FAST Mag

152 N Central Ave (map)


Feb 12-14, 2016

Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market


LAND is hosting Rob Pruitt’s ninth Flea Market (previous ones were at the Venice Biennale and the Brant Foundation in NYC), which includes personal treasures sourced from the closets, attics and basements of some 50 well-known artists.

1019 E. 4th Place (map)


Feb 13-14, 2016

The House of Red Velvet

West Hollywood

Generally when someone describes a scene as Lynchian you turn and run … unless, of course, that scene involves sexy burlesque dancers, in which case you grab a seat. The reprisal of Olivia Bellafontaine’s House of Red Velvet is an hour-long burlesque that features dark themes, bondadge and music by David Lynch himself.

7702 Santa Monica Blvd (map)

Bar Lubitsch

Feb 17, 2016

Museum of Neon Art


Neon signs, once the glittery hallmark of LA at both street and canopy level, are the sole motif of the new Museum of Neon Art in Glendale. Bask in their Americana kitsch, behold their static hum.

216 S Brand Blvd (map)


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