The 10 Best Summer Campsites in Southern California
By Reuben Brody / July 10, 2017 9:00 am

You’ve already endured traffic, weeded through your inbox and cat-napped through a meeting or two.

And it’s Monday.

Take a deep breath. And then book a weekend at one of our 10 favorite Southern California campsites for summer.

There will be lakes. There will be beaches. Hell, we’ve even got treehouses in there.

Thump thy chest, friend. The weekend is fast approaching than you think.

Serrano Campground Big Bear

Good for: Mountain biking and kayaking — around a lake.

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San Onofre Bluffs Campground

Good for: Surfing one of the longest breaks in all of Southern California.

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Wheeler Gorge Campground

Good for: Climbing rocky walls, hiking and river swimming. And then letting that very same river lull you to sleep.

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Anacapa Island

Good for: Sea kayaking and island hopping.

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Ojai Mountaintop Treehouse

Good for: Sleeping in a rustic treehouse atop a mountain overlooking Ojai.

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Buckhorn Campground

Good for: Feeling the cool breeze rustle through the evergreens at a mile above sea level.

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Canyon Campground Leo Carillo State Park

Good for: Waking up to some stellar surf, then wandering through sea caves.

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Millard Trail Campsite

Good for: Hiking in to seldom-tread campsite, testing out your new hammock.

First come, first serve

Idyllwild Campground

Good for: Scrambling over rocks and hiking through San Jacinto State Park.

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Blackjack Campground

Good for: Camping in the shade of pine and eucalyptus trees while hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail.

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