We See Your Jeep Wrangler and Raise You One With an Integrated Tent

The Jeep Wrangler has been the undisputed king of wayward automotive emprises for decades.

But in an age of teardrop, pop-up, space-grade, bomb-sheltered trailers and trucks, how can its retain its reign over the off-roads?  

Welcome Red River Rigs, a Lone Star State-based concern committed to outfitting Jeep Wranglers with just a bit more space. Accomplishing that and then some is the American Safari JXL, a Wrangler with a bolt-on safari tent that sleeps four and adds 50% more cargo. 

The kit, which Red River Rigs founder Glen Pratt actually brought to the States via French company BBF Gazell, is designed for a Jeep Unlimited. It effectively replaces the standard roof with a 15-inch pop top, along with more than enough room for cabinets, a sink, more beds … even a pullout shower. That leaves you with a Wrangler AND one of those newfangled campers all the kids are FaceTiming about. 

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