Internet | May 24, 2017 5:00 am

Dazzling 360 Video of an Iraqi Army Helicopter Fighting ISIS From Above Mosul

The video from the BBC provides a never-before-seen perspective of the battle in Iraq.

The fight against the so-called Islamic State has produced no shortage of harrowing video—but this footage literally soars above the rest.

A BBC film crew flew on an Iraqi army helicopter unit as it provided cover fire for their fellow soldiers on the ground in Mosul. According to the BBC, the result is the first 360 video of combat ever filmed.

Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard embedded with the airborne unit based out of an Iraqi airbase south of Mosul, the country’s second-largest city.

The 360 video, narrated by Inwood, follows the helicopter’s flight path as it takes off from their base and flies over Mosul, providing a sweeping view of the historic city where ISIS leader first declared the Caliphate. The five-minute clip captured the helicopter spraying bullets down to protect soldiers on the ground and even shows the muzzle flashes of militants returning fire.

To change the perspective, click the arrows on the video or move the mouse in that direction. (The 360 video doesn’t work for Safari or Chrome browsers. It’s best viewed in the YouTube app.)