Internet | September 19, 2017 11:24 am

Sean Hannity Pleads With Bill O’Reilly to ‘Come Back’ to Fox News

Hannity asks former colleague O'Reilly to return, despite numerous sexual harassment claims.

Sean Hannity, a
Host Sean Hannity on set of Fox's 'Hannity With Sean Hannity' (Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

Bill O’Reilly is currently on a book tour for his latest installment in his Killing series, which has seen markedly slower sales. His tour took him to the radio show of former Fox News colleague Sean Hannity, who, despite numerous allegations of O’Reilly’s sexual misconduct, encouraged him to return to the cable network : “I think you should come back [to Fox].”

O’Reilly’s career with Fox News came to an abrupt, ignominious end five months ago after years of secret sexual harassment allegations and payoffs by the pundit were revealed by The New York Times.

Hannity was undaunted by this potential public relations and legal problems O’Reilly’s return would bring with it and continued to press the issue. He said he knows O’Reilly’s fans would like him to come back, and “not a day goes by” without someone asking him how O’Reilly is doing and when he’s coming back, reports the Daily Beast. O’Reilly responded by saying, “I don’t know. I have to get this legal stuff done.”

O’Reilly also mentioned on Hannity’s that he plans to conduct an investigation into what he believes was “a conspiracy to get him fired.” O’Reilly has consistently called any and all claims against him “completely unfounded” and maintained his innocence, despite his own secret, seven-figure payoffs, and the detailed accusations from multiple alleged victims.