Internet | October 27, 2017 10:25 am

EX-NYT Editor Says More Terrible Men in Media Beyond O’Reilly

Many people see these are rare occurrences, but they are not, Jill Abramson says.

Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly is in talks to get back on cable TV. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

There has been a lot of talk about a secret list that circulated called “Shitty Media Men.” It listed men in the media world who are allegedly accused of sexual harassment, assault, or even rape. But according to The New York Times former editor Jill Abramson, the “shittiest men in media have revealed themselves,” starting with Bill O’Reilly.

In a new piece for The GuardianAbramson says that everyone should listen to O’Reilly’s claims of victimhood on The New York Times’ podcast, The Daily. In it, Abramson says, there is no hint of remorse in his voice, no apology, just “cold fury” at the two reporters who broke the story on the former Fox News host’s staggering $45 million settlement of sexual misconduct cases with co-workers and others.

The reporters turn off their main microphone after the interview, but their phones are still recording. O’Reilly then lets loose.

“This is bullshit. It’s on you. It’s all crap,” O’Reilly says to Michael Schmidt and Emily Steele, according to The Guardian. “This is horrible what I went through. This is crap, and you know it. It’s politically and financially motivated.”

But Abramson says that The Times is clearly not politically motivated, since they just brought down very-liberal, Democratic producer Harvey Weinstein.

Despite knowing full well about the $32 million settlement and the allegations of over 15 years of misconduct that led to it, Fox still agreed to a new four-year, $100 million contract with O’Reilly. In The Guardian, Abramson says that the actions of those who “coddled and covered up for the miscreant are almost as nauseating as the underlying conduct.” She wants the Murdochs held accountable.

Abramson writes that this type of behavior is common. Male politicians and news commentators quickly write events like these off as rare and uncommon. But women know otherwise. Abramson says that she is currently investigating sexual harassment allegations at another media company. She’s approached a lot of young women who are willing to share their awful experiences, but not their name, because of fear or because they were forced into non-disclosure agreements. However, all the young women will name another young woman to talk to, because “everyone knew.” Abramson says there is still “plenty of fear” and never forget, that there are still “shitty men in the media.”