Changing Seasons Recorded By Drone For Stunning Time-Lapse Video
By Matthew Reitman / April 15, 2017 5:00 am
(Will Strathmann via Vimeo)
(Will Strathmann via Vimeo)


One filmmaker captured the shifting seasons in a way that captures the magic of the natural phenomenon—especially for people with short attention spans.

Will Strathmann flew his drone over a farm in Pennsylvania to capture picturesque scenes over all four seasons. He then combined all the shots together to create a time-lapse effect, transitioning between each scene with a Star Wars-like wipe to mesmerizing effect, Sploid reports.

From the Spring of 2015 to the Winter of 2017, Strathmann toiled away on the film. If his drone flight path didn’t precisely follow the previous one, he was forced to align them with software.

From cherry blossoms heralding the dawn of Spring to fiery auburn leaves acting as Autumn’s harbinger, nature’s beauty is ready for its closeup in the video below: