Home Goods | August 25, 2017 9:00 am

Be the Proud Owner of the World’s First Hologram Table

No bulky VR headset included

The tech of sci-fi flicks has been so far ahead of what we’re working with in present day that its actual plausibility is unclear. Are we gonna have sharks with frikkin’ laser beams attached to their heads or what? Jetpacks? Holographic model tables?

Roger on that last one.

Australian company Euclideon Holographics just developed the world’s first multi-use hologram table, retailing for around $50-60,000.

Their proposed uses are largely educational, for use in architectural models, military planning, museum archives and so on. (In our simple minds, the first words that come up were “How TRON, cool!”)

The table is described (on its own page, mind you) as one of the “most powerful devices on the planet” thanks to Ultimate Detail technology, an algorithm that lets you enhance the model purportedly to the level of a examining a blade of grass.

Four users can gather around the projected data, whatever it is, and rather than bulky VR headsets you only need wear an unoffensive pair of sunglasses.

Looks good to us.