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Wanna Tour the International Space Station From Your Couch? You’re in Luck.

Ground control to Majors Tom, Dick and Harry

Unless you’re one of the two paying customers who forked over some earth bucks to take a trip to the moon and back with SpaceX, chances are you won’t be making it into orbit next year.

Fortunately, thanks to NASA and Oculus Rift, you can head up there this year instead using VR.

Created in tandem with the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, Mission: ISS allows players to experience what it’s like to work in the International Space Station.

The immersive simulator does its best to replicate how it feels to operate in zero-gravity and lets users perform mission-critical tasks like docking space capsules and attempting spacewalks.

Unfortunately, you need a Rift and Oculus Touch ($600) to try it, but at least the game is free.

Stay in touch with ground control, Major Tom.