With airlines increasingly pampering one-percenters and torturing the proletariat with seating concepts like this, won’t anyone think  of the little guys?

We, the economy class, just want a little thought put into our seats. And some more legroom while you’re at it.

Good news, folks: we have a (potential) solution. The London design studio PearsonLloyd, better known for office furniture, has focused on “small modifications” and “ergonomic layout” with their latest economy seat concept, which utilizes carbon fiber in the frame, recycled wool in the seat covers, and recycled plastic (from sunflower seeds!) in the rear of the seats. It also sports a headrest that lifts and separates from the chair.


That last one is important, at least for comfort. “One of the key design features is the separation of the headrest from the back by introducing a central spine and neck to support the headrest,” explains PearsonLloyd’s director Luke Pearson. “This maximises the passenger’s personal space and creates increased sight lines through the cabin by narrowing the seat from the rear.”

The seats, in two tones of grey with orange-stitched trim, also feature an entertainment screen and bi-fold table that extends laterally, as well as two dedicated storage areas (one above the seat, one below).

Overall, PL says the concept allows for greater knee movement, more recline when the seat is in the upright position and even more reclining during flight without (and this is important) bothering the person behind you.

Sadly, while PL has been showcasing the concept in VR, we don’t expect airlines to embrace these small but important modifications anytime soon.