By The Editors / December 23, 2015 9:00 am

“Have it your way.”

In a world increasingly terrified by the paradox of choice, we say: be choosy. If you know exactly what you want, don’t settle for 70%. Fortunately, there is a new industry built on fulfilling your vision 100%.
These 11 companies handle the manufacturing — design, however, is up to you. A few will even allow you to re-sell your take on their product.

Here’s to getting exactly what you want.

Your boat shoes: Sperry
“Every shoe has a story. Create yours.” Boat shoe specialists Sperry just launched a custom design program for their Authentic Original. Every piece of the hand-stitched shoe can be customized, from laces to outsoles to the thread. Plus, they offer monogram and tattoo options … and a chance to sell your own design. (Ships in 6-8 weeks)

Your sneakers: ShiftWear
An Indiegogo campaign ending today, ShiftWear offers low- and high-tops that change colors, patterns and even animations via your smartphone and an always-on, e-paper flexible display. Bonus: walking charges up your shoe, and they’re waterproof. (Delivery October 2016)

Your summer wedding tux: Xedo
Yeah, you gotta start thinking about spring/summer weddings now. Fortunately, Xedo allows you to build your own tux … and rent it.. Start with the brand (Allure, Michael Kors, et.), then pick your preferred color palette, tie type, vests/cummerbunds, shirt (which includes free studs and cufflinks) and shoes (free socks included). A video tutorial helps you find your fit, and FedEx takes care of delivery and returns.

Your watch: Martenero
An affordably handsome dress watch where the customer chooses case size (38 or 42mm), dial options, hand colors and the band. Across their four editions currently on offer, you’re looking at 1,000 different permutations.

Your belt: BeltCraft
Available in three varieties — full-grain leather with organic vegetable tanning, a velvety nap calf-suede or heavyweight cotton — and an array of colors (papaya, sea salt, etc.), BeltCraft lets you customize loop, buckle, stitch, cut, width and length (tip: buy 2-3” longer than your waist). If you’re stuck, the site offers pointers, some favored designs and an expert series curated from online style gurus.

Your dress shirts: J. Hilburn
With the help of a personal stylist, you can customize JH’s dapper dress shirts through 11 different “personalizations,” including hundreds of different fabric patterns and 14 collar types.

Your casual bag: Amp&rsand Goods Co.
A NYC based men’s accessories brand that offers online customization of five different bags, from totes to duffels to rucksacks. Everything’s on the table here, from your choice of material (pebble leather, reverse denim) to the colors of the body, base and flap. Plus: a more-than-reasonable price ($85-$240).

Your classy weekend bag: Saintly
Handmade in New York, Saintly offers 1.65 million different combinations to suit your every taste and need. First, select your size. Then move on to the heavy lifting: You’re looking at Italian and Brazilian leather in nine hues. Shoe pockets (up to two). Laptop pockets. Monogramming. Zipper trim. Liner design (17 options, including US, French and Argentine flags). Plus hardware options out the wazoo.

Swim goggles: Roka
Roka’s new custom goggle option allows for dozens of different permutations, with four adjustable frame sizes and an array of unique tints (dark vermillion mirror, light amber, cobalt, etc.).

Your jeans: Jenuine
Japanese selvedge denim designed by Parisian designers, then redesigned by you. Pick your cut (slim, straight, boot) and then your 12 customizations, including fabric, in-seam stitches, front wash and pocket design. You can even follow the production of your jeans via email and video.

Your headphones: Axel Audio
Fully collapsible modular headphones that allow you to change up your headband, ear cups, insert, cable color and even your “soundscape,” aka specially engineered speaker units that match your listening style (deep = strong bass).