Home Goods | July 30, 2014 9:00 am

Water Table

By The Editors

A river runs through it.

Good film. Makes for an even better table.

Introducing The River Collection, a series of handmade tables built by one Mr. Greg Klassen, “a husband, a father and an artist,” available now.

Klassen is a Washington native and former theologian who learned his trade in an island village in Sweden.

His motto: “I am one man. I am not a company.”

His mission: “Furniture as functional art.”

Mission accomplie: The River Collection, an eye-grabbing series of coffee, dining and console counters directly influenced by the woods and streams near Klassen’s Pacific Northwest dwellings.

Each of the River tables features inlaid blue rivers of handcut glass and sits atop local, sustainably sourced wood (big leaf maple, walnut, madrone).

Carved out with a combo of hand tools and machines, Klassen then applies the clear, smooth finishes by hand.

Pretty inspiring stuff.