Home Goods | January 4, 2017 9:00 am

This Life Raft Self-Inflates So You Won’t Panic and Die in Your Next Shipwreck

You should still read the seatback pamphlet, though

You remember those tiny capsules that would turn into dinosaur-shaped sponges right after you dropped them in water when you were a kid? Pretty cool, right?

Well this raft does basically the same thing, except it saves lives instead of Saturday afternoons.

Made to automatically deploy and eliminate the possibility of panicked passengers performing poorly, the six-sided HEXA life raft instantly inflates by itself after it makes contact with water. Designed by Yoo JiIn and Lee Ji Sang, the HEXA contains survival supplies like life jackets, food, drinking water and flares, as well as a device that sends a geolocation signal after the raft opens.

Next time you’re on a sinking boat, just find one and hold on — let someone else rearrange the deck chairs.