Home Goods | January 3, 2017 9:00 am

The Future Called. They’d Like Their Magical Magnet Lamps Back.

Light switches: so 2016

Remember those clap lights, one of the true darlings of the ’90s late-night infomercial boom?

You clap, the lights turn on. Clap again, they turn off.

It scares the dog. Your kids think it’s a game. You look like an absolute spaz when guests come over, tapping out little ditties every time you enter or exit a room.

These aren’t like those, thankfully. Because these are actually something we want.

A truly unique piece, the Heng Balance Lamp features an on/off switch design comprised of two balls embedded with magnets that must be joined together in mid-air to toggle the device on.

Available in three different designs, the wooden lamps aim to recreate the old “pulling switches” many antique lamps feature.

“The appearance and design is based on the traditional Chinese round fans and window frames,” project manager Lisze Siaw told Digital Trends. “The lights are placed inside the ring-shaped frame and when you turn [them on] the frame will light up, creating an ethereal Zen feeling.”

The design apparently has a lot of people wanting to harness their inner Chi, as the project has blown past its first two funding phases on Kickstarter. But select Heng models are still available for $44 with deliveries set to begin this summer.

Patience, young grasshopper.