Home Goods | July 7, 2016 9:00 am

This Office Chair Asks How Far Are You Willing to Go For a Healthy Spine

Awkward name. Awkward look. But helluva lot of benefits.

Think for a moment about smashing together a balance ball and your favorite ergonomic chair.

Got it? Now give your invention an awkward name, like, say, The Språng.

Imagine it. Then ask yourself: “How much dignity am I willing to sacrifice for a healthy spine?”

Because The Språng is, indeed, a new office chair that “combines the movement of an exercise ball, the comfort of an ergonomic chair, and the therapeutic benefits of resistance bands.”

The Språng — which is the Swedish noun form of leap or jump and rhymes with strong — is designed to encourage sitters to move around, use better posture and burn categories. It also can help improve focus, promote blood circulation and relieve back pain.

While the benefits of the chair sound too good to be true, almost 100 people have already bought in and the Språng’s Kickstarter campaign is well on its way to raising its $35,000 goal.

Chairs with a back support cost $350 during the campaign and backless models are $100 cheaper.

A small price to pay for giving your coworkers something to laugh at on the daily.