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There’s a New Sheriff in Backyard Grill Town

The MIG Stove is full of hot air and that’s a good thing

By The Editors

As Argentine chef Francis Mallmann argues in his 2009 book Seven Fires, you can cook meat with either the parilla, chapa, infiernillo, horno de barro, rescoldo, asador or caldero fire method.  

In a video they just released, Canada-based Sportes Inc. makes the case that there’s actually an eighth fire starter that now belongs on Mallmann’s list — their forthcoming MIG Stove.

The video doesn’t give much in the way of details, but it appears the stove allows backyard chefs to cook meat, fish and poultry without ever putting the food in direct contact with flames.

Instead, the hollow MG Stove uses hot air emanating from burning charcoal or wood inside the grill’s six stainless steel walls to bake, roast, broil or boil its owners food of choice. Or so we think.

Inspired by ”canard à la ficelle” (duck on a string) as well as chef Mallmann’s work, Sportes calls the MIG the “largest and most complex product we ever designed and produced.” Since they’ve made some doozies in the past, that’s not exactly idle chatter.

Unfortunately, other than saying “the 8th Fire” will be available soon, Sportes didn’t provide too much other info about the MIG other than to say to direct all questions about it right here.