Home Goods | December 20, 2016 9:00 am

No Sledding Hill? No Sweat. This House Has One on the Roof.

Just add a garbage can lid and hot toddies

Proposal: The only time a person shall henceforth sing or whistle “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland” will be as they scale the roof of this vacation house with a toboggan in tow.

Street Monkey Architects, the visionaries behind the Pulkabacken House in Sweden, wanted to create something unusual and interactive that also made the most of the landscape without being an eyesore. Also important was a space to keep lots of kids entertained, as the residents want to accomodate not only their own family, but those of their friends as well.

Their solution? A sloped roof that can be climbed and used as a sledding hill (it’s where the name “pulkabacken” comes from, which is the Swedish word for “sledding hill”) for the area’s snowy climate.

It’s a vacation house that appeals to all seasons.

It’s not a very steep incline, but sliding on a garbage can lid down your own damn roof sounds like peak winter fun to us. We have to admit our imagination goes straight to summertime, however, with visions of slip ‘n’ slides, skateboards and (mellow) rooftop parties. There’s also a ladder and staircase by which you can reach the rooftop once the snow melts.

The interior is also fetching, with modern details and lots of light, nooks for nesting and a generally cozy atmosphere. There are plenty of bedrooms, but if you need us, check the roof first.