Home Goods | December 22, 2016 9:00 am

Floating Coffee Table Floats, Pairs Poorly With White Carpets and Red Wine

Magnets are cool.

From lamps to speakers to bonsais, we prefer to remember 2016 as the year living room furnishings learned how to levitate.

Therefore, it’s only fitting we close it out with the floating version of said room’s centerpiece: the humble coffee table.

A glass tabletop that floats nearly two inches above its base thanks to a pair of large magnets balanced on top of one another, the Teles Taxídi is held in place by a super-strong Kevlar cord.

Thanks to the power of the magnetic force — which is held in check by a two-tier cable system — the Teles Taxídi (Perfect Journey) is able to support anything a normal coffee table could.

“You may choose to explain the physics and technology behind the secret of Teles Taxídi,” the company says, “or you could simply give a knowing smile, and say, ‘Magic.’”

For $30,000, it’d better be.