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Why You’ll Soon Be Paying Extra to Claim the Middle Seat

New design adds extra room and dedicated armrests

A middle seat on any economy-class aircraft comes with three promises: clown to the left, joker to the right and nary an armrest in sight to call your own.

But should a revolutionary air cabin concept comes to fruition, you may soon be paying a premium to claim it.

Designed to transport middle-sitters to the catbird seat, the Side-Slip seat gives those who draw the central spots a seat that is two inches wider — 20 inches versus the standard 18 inches — than window and aisle accommodations.

The design also gives the middle seat its own dedicated armrests, and the staggered design lets the aisle seat “slip” to the center during boarding or after landing to provide extra aisle space.

According to the seat’s designer, the added efficiency the moveable seat provides can cut down on boarding and deplaning times by nearly seven minutes.

“It’s not rocket science; it’s simple logistics: (Airlines are) grossly inefficient, and they create huge defects on a daily basis,” says Side-Slip seat inventor Hank Scott. “Airlines generate operational dismality as opposed to operational excellence.”

You had us at dedicated armrests.

Via Travel+Leisure