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We Can’t Tell If It’s a Motorcycle or a Rocking Horse. Please Help.

WTF is it?

Because the interwebs are crammed full of crazy things, and sometimes the purpose of those things is not immediately discernible, we present WTF Is It?

WTF is it?
Rockin’ Moto, a modern interpretation of the traditional rocking horse modeled after vintage scooters and café racers.

So what’s it do?
Lets you cruise down memory lane atop a modular seat while gripping low-slung handlebars. Or, you know, looks good under a Christmas tree with your kid’s name on it.

Who makes it?
NextOfKin Creatives, a Singapore-based firm that’s won a ton of design awards since its founding in ‘07.

Is it in any way useful?
That depends on your definition of useful. It won’t physically transport you anywhere, but the Rockin’ Moto is a handsome way teach kids about the good old days.

Can I buy one?
You’ll have to check with studio on that. Email here. Ask about the Dark Horse as well.

Should I buy one?
Yes. For your kid. Or your nephew. Kids need more toys that don’t involve screens and wifi connections. Just tell them to watch out for splinters.

Can I see the last installment of WTF Is It?
You better believe it, bubba.