By Alex Lauer / February 26, 2019

No Workspace Is Complete Without a Map, and These Are on Sale

No Workspace Is Complete Without a Map, and These Are on Sale

No matter how hard minimalism (and Marie Kondo) tried, they couldn’t kill the aspirational workspace. You know the room: just close your eyes and you’ll see the dark woods, Edison light bulbs and stocked bar cart. While the space itself endures, certain furnishings are best left to the previous generation (Newton’s Cradle and leather-bound encyclopedias come to mind).

One timeless element? The map. Being reminded of the grand scheme — whether it’s this country, this planet or this universe — is of great import no matter your line of business. Also, they’re just easy on the eyes.

Right now, they’re also easy on the wallet, as Huckberry slashed the prices on a variety of hanging maps and prints, from Roosevelt-era time capsules to National Geographic classics.

The World: Mercator’s Projection Map
An exclusively licensed reproduction published by H.E.C. Robinson in the 1940s, printed here on canvas and detailing the global political divisions of that era.

BUY NOW: $275 $178

Map I: The Northern Sky
Instead of awkwardly holding your phone up to the night sky to find out which stars are which, learn them with this map then impress your stargazing company this summer.

BUY NOW: $80 $60

Map II: The Southern Sky
Discounted more than the Northern Sky, presumably because, well, this view is on the other end of the Earth. On the flip side (ha), it never hurts to get acquainted with the unknown.

BUY NOW: $80 $52

National Geographic: The Earth’s Moon
You may just end up there some day, so might as well learn about the craters, mountain ranges, seas and other features before you go.

BUY NOW: $20 $16


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