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Deal: Need a New Mattress to Start the Year? Shop Casper’s Last Call Sale.

Take up to $800 off three different mattress types

Casper mattress on sale
Casper's Last Call Sale features three different mattresses up to $800 off.

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Most new year’s resolutions are about changing personal habits: drinking less, eating better, working out more, not staring into our blinding doomscrolling boxes right before going to sleep. But if you’re truly on a quest for a more restful night, have you ever thought your mattress might be the problem?

If you’ve been sleeping on some old hand-me-down for a decade or are finally ready to try out the bed-in-a-box future, Casper is currently throwing a hard-to-beat sale on mattresses (a nice 30% off, or up to $800 off depending on the size), as well as bedding to cover said mattresses in (up to 60% off). 

There are three types of mattresses on sale: the 2019 Casper classic, which feature four layers of foam; the 2019 Casper Hybrid, which keeps three layers of foams but adds a spring base for a more traditional sleeping setup; and the 2019 Wave, which prioritizes cooling for those who sleep hot, with a combination of foam, gel pods and a “humidity-fighting wool cover.” As the names suggest, these are slightly older models as Casper has been tweaking its design over the years, but that just means you’re getting a better deal because they’re desperate to offload them now that it’s 2021.

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