Home Goods | November 30, 2016 9:00 am

This Is a ‘Motor Oil and Raw Leather’ Candle. It Reeks.

Ever wish you smelled like the set of a Steve Mcqueen movie?

When a man lights a scented candles, he usually has ulterior motives in mind.

That’s still the case with a new candle from Flying Tiger Motorcycles, but the motive he has in mind — while still a passionate one — is better suited for the garage than the bedroom.

Infused with the combined scents of motor oil and raw leather, the Moto Man candle is the ideal companion for a night spent tuning up a Harley, wrenching on a car or watching Easy Rider. Hand-crafted to specifications that ensure proper burn and aroma, the canned olfactory offerings retail for just $20 a pop and will ship worldwide a few days after an order is placed.

If you’re not into leather, Flying Tiger also has a candle that smells like two-stroke oil on its own.

Smell the burn.