Home Goods | September 6, 2017 9:00 am

First-Class Cookware at Economy Prices? We’re Listening.

At this level of quality, we might even learn how to use 'em

We made a mistake. We’re willing to admit it. Because ever since we brought the Misen chef knife and paring knife into the kitchen, those “luxury” knives that we spent (*audible gulp*) nearly a grand on have been collecting dust.

And for good reason — Misen’s blades have been lauded by the likes of Serious Eats Culinary Director J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, and you can throw us on the bandwagon as well.

We will not, however, be making the same mistake twice.

Today, Misen launched their newest Kickstarter campaign, a line of stainless-steel cookware including skillets, pots, pans and more.

Misen (3 images)

The new collection includes a range of professional-grade pieces, from a Starter package with a skillet, sauté and saucier to the Complete 12-piece set. The best part — in keeping with the Misen way — is their direct-to-consumer platform, which allows them to bypass the traditional price gouging that the retail market suffers.

The skillets, running $65-$75, will be ready to rock come this holiday season, with the rest of the collection shipping early 2018 but ready for preorder now.  

We won’t get fooled again.