Here’s Some Lego-Friendly Furniture for Building, Destroying, Building Dreams

Lego has been incubating creative ideas in little ones (and their parents) for generations. But despite their enduring popularity, we’ve yet to see a mass market piece of furniture that is brick-friendly.

Which is a serious oversight. Because any experienced builder will know that one of Lego’s greatest shortcomings is a glaring lack of those flimsy foundations. You waste a lot of valuable bricks making bases that can support your creations. Good training for engineering, maybe, but a little boring.

Enter Italian designers Studio Nine, who have developed a small line of modular furniture that is essentially made of Lego studs on all sides. So not only is there enough space to go around for all the builders on site, you also don’t have to demolish your work to make space for a new one.

Lego (3 images)

The collection is called Stüda, and will be revealed at Milan’s annual design week Furniture Fair, which begins next week. Stay tuned for details about if and when they will be for sale.