Home Goods | May 20, 2016 9:00 am

Well Hello There, Jet With Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Yep, them some views, alright

When traveling, securing a room with a view is a luxury that’ll typically run you a few extra bucks.

Now you can do the same thing on the jet that gets you there — provided you have 53 million simoleons to toss at it.

From aircraft manufacturer Embraer, the Kyoto Airship is a concept jet that would have a midsection outfitted with door-sized windows and skylights, allowing passengers to see their sky-high surroundings like never before.

Designed to celebrate a decade of success for Embraer’s Lineage 1000E business jets, the concept for the airships was inspired by the Japanese custom of sitting on cushions on the floor, and each of the windowsills is padded to provide a comfortable lounging space.

Based on a functional aircraft and designed to meet the commercial flight durability requirements, the plane’s electrochromic glass windows would be outfitted with anti-fogging protection, and also have electric shades to block out light during overnight flights.

Now that the concept is complete, all Embraer needs is someone with deep pockets to take the plunge. “We’ve proven to ourselves that we can make this,” says Embraer vice president of interior design Jay Beever. “And when a Lineage customer is ready to order this airplane, we will make it.”

If they build it, we’re happy to come aboard for the test run.