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Kickstarter Mexico Just Launched. Here’s Where to Spend Your Pesos.

Building crowdfunding projects, not walls

Maybe you’re thinking: Enough with the Kickstarters. 

May we introduce, however: Kickstarter … México

Everyone’s least/most favorite crowdfunding site has expanded its projects south of the (U.S.) border, partnering with the five-year-old fundraising site Fondeadora — which was itself launched when its two Mexico City-based founders tried to sign up for Kickstarter … but couldn’t. 

What’s on tap? If you’ve seen U.S. Kickstarter, you’ll have a pretty good sense of what’s available among the 160 or so “New and Noteworthy” Mexican projects: record launches, gallery openings, video game development. That said: Mexico has a tremendous artisan culture, and efforts to channel international money into bringing their independently produced pieces to the global marketplace — that is exciting. 

And? It’s the right political moment for projects like this. As Kickstarter puts it in a blog post announcing the launch: Construir Puentes, No Muros.

Build Bridges, Not Walls. 

Below, five of the projects we like best. It helps to know Spanish to dive deep, but it’s not necessary. 

Totem Gallery
They want to become Mexico City’s premier concept store/art gallery. And you want to visit. So kick ’em some coin.

txt.ure Workshop
Only families still carry on this style of traditional weaving — so let’s help preserve it. 

La Refugio x ALUXES
Support four Mexican artists making weird, cool work (skulls are occasionally involved, natch).

Hacker Garage
Local startup ecosystems do better with a well-funded HQ

You know you want a way to share Jumbotron-worthy pictures of your favorite stadium shots.