By Alex Lauer / June 6, 2017 9:00 am

The ideal piece of furniture strikes a balance between relaxation and presentability.

As comfortable as say, beanbag chairs are, you can’t have a bunch of sacks littering the living room when your parents or, y’know, special guests visit. 

You can, however, have a Manet chair. It’s not just the next best thing to a giant pillow. It’s better. From Italian creative studio Best Before 2065, the sculptural seat looks like a bunch of foam French fries. But once you flop on top, it’s like you’re being sucked in by a plush version of the Star Wars sarlacc.

MANET Chair (2 images)

That’s because the chair could more accurately be described as a box of cushions. The removable “stems,” as the studio calls them, are wrapped in washable polyester covers. Despite their structural integrity, they conform to fit your position in what the studio likens to “a soft embrace.” The box itself is made out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and encased in a soft, anti-microbial, anti-acarus (anti-mite) vinyl. And all elements are available in a wide variety of colors from black to purple to green.

So feel free to rearrange the pillows to your heart’s content then use it as a work chair, reading chair, Netflix-and-chill chair, liven-up-your-sex-life chair. Hey, once the furniture is in your possession, what you do with it is your business.

You can order the Manet for an initial launch price of $1,770 until June 30th. Unfortunately for us in the U.S., that doesn’t include shipping. But the studio requests all interested buyers write in first, so go ahead and ask about across-the-pond pricing.