By Kirk Miller / March 12, 2019

Clean Up Your Desk With This Huckberry Workstation Sale

Ugmonk Gather

For someone who talks so much about his (imagined) OCD, my desk is a nightmare.

It’s a mishmash of notebooks, beer/spirits bottles (for work purposes) and cables haphazardly strewn about. There’s certainly nothing organized about it, let alone anything artistic or personality-forward (unless my personality is “cluttered”).

Thankfully, Huckberry’s throwing a workstation sale (up to 15% off), and they’ve got three things that could instantly improve my daily workspace — and yours.


Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock
Beautiful brass and aluminum table clocks inspired by WWII fighter planes, available here as smaller altimeters but also as larger pieces informed by vintage compass binnacles and a 1902 French torpedo. Probably the only worthwhile item you should be adding to your clutter.

BUY IT HERE: $99 $84


Yamazaki Web Cable Box
Minimalist but highly functional organizers from this “clutter-slaying” brand, including the cable box, will keep all your chargers and cords pleasantly out of site.

BUY IT HERE: $35 $30


Ugmonk Gather Modular Organizer
I don’t mind having a lot of stuff, as long as that stuff is in its proper place. This storage system features a wood base, coaster, headphone holster, post-it holder, two trays, a pencil holder and a phone holder. And, you can add or subtract to it based on your needs.

BUY IT HERE: $199 $170

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Photos: (Top to bottom)  Huckberry; Pendulux; Huckberry; Ugmonk