Home Goods | June 6, 2017 9:00 am

Somewhere, People Are Actually Buying $200k ‘Dog Manors’

Eat your heart out, Snoopy

Bespoke designs. Premium materials. Luxurious details.

And drool on the carpet.

That’s basically the combination of factors that are coming together in Hecate Verona’s line of luxury doghouses, essentially pooch pied-à-terres that are nicer than where you lived in college. Featuring automated amenities like lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the stylish mutt manors come in styles like Colonial Villa, Roman Imperial Mansion and Spanish Palacio.

In addition to the automated features, the multi-room homes are equipped with internet-enabled cameras and screens that allow concerned pet parents to check in on their dogs at all times. Made from thousands of pieces, the handcrafted homes are painstakingly built over multiple months.

“Our customers and their dogs typically live indoors [Ed. note: Sorry, Tarzan], so we see our dog manor as an extra that gives a pet more comfort,” Hecate Verona creative director Alice Williams told Luxuo. “It is a dog’s own house that has all the comforts of an indoor living room, making the whole experience of staying outdoors more fun and enjoyable.”

She should have added they also make it embarrassingly expensive, as the homes start around $40,000 for a basic model and cost as much as $200,000 for a high-end hound hut. Really.

And here we thought Bentley making custom Bentaygas to transport falcons was excessive.