Do Your Barstools Have Roman Busts Underneath ‘Em?

Believe it or not, the MET did not just stage a collab with IKEA.

You’re looking at designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s new exhibition for the David Gill Gallery in London, an effort at once irreverent and reverential of Greco-Roman statues and parcels, which he integrates into functional and familiar living room structures.

greek-roman (5 images)

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most demiurgic and determinedly out-there projects we’ve seen in a good while. Errazuriz, who first introduced the concept with “ANTIQUITY” back in 2014 (a body bust of Nike within a bookshelf) went all in this go-around.

Dubbed “ANYTHING YOU DESTROY, WE WILL REBUILD,” the full collection includes hollowed-out faces replaced with lightbulbs, candles tucked into tunica-clad busts  … even “ancient” doorstops. And for a project that involved so much of the old, the designer had to turn to the new, enlisting 3D-scanning help to construct exact replicas of the famous, thousands-of-years-old artworks before pairing them seamlessly with the furniture.

Find more information here about checking out the exhibit, and pray that one day these will be available for purchase.