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Graphic Designer Creates One Movie Poster Every Day for an Entire Year


Oscar Wilde once said, “consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” Graphic designer Pete Majarich clearly didn’t heed Wilde’s words, producing 365 movie posters—one a day for an entire year—that present an alternative take on existing ones. Majarich’s “A Movie Poster A Day” project, which he completed in 2016, demonstrated a minimalist approach early on, veering towards the more abstract as the year wore on.


Each work is often a nod to a significant element in the film, whether it be an object or scene. For example, the Australian designer created a poster for The Shining that plays off the hedge maze, while his Inception poster shows a diagram of layers representing the dream-within-a-dream plot. Majarich’s best posters are arguably the simplest ones—like his design for The Godfather, which features a horse with scissors going along a dotted line across its neck. All in all, his minimalist take on conventional film posters is captivating. Peruse a selection of them below with a video of all the posters completed in 2016 at the bottom.


Find more of Majarich’s work here. Order a print of any poster he’s created here.

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