Home Goods | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

This Is an Office. In a Trailer. With a Beer Fridge.

It's five o'clock somewhere ...

The white-collar workday is not what it used to be.

We’re not at Jetsons-level yet, but your 9-to-5 probably includes a feature or two your grandparents wouldn’t recognize as anything work related.

Take, for example, working remotely while being towed through the mountains in a most stylish and design-forward trailer.

That’s a reality now.

Just check out this office on wheels from Belgian studio Five AM. They dubbed the little overhauled trailer #dojowheels, and it’s won both a German Design Award and an Architizer A+ Award for its innovative design.

The interior was completely renovated to make it work friendly, including pegboard walls for pinning up designs or other materials and a table that can raise up from the floor, revealing built-in storage underneath. And the “floor” can used as a bed or couch when the table is not in use.

The ceiling and window frames were also replaced, and the builders installed an array of lighting options to adapt the space to different working environments, from reading lamps to work lights to outdoor lanterns.

There’s no bathroom, but there is a small fridge that can hold 150 beers.

Priorities, people.