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‘Jetfoiling’ Is Surfing Meets Magic Carpets

‘It's very easy, everybody is able to do it.’ – The inventor

Unlike hate-watch, pogonophobia and buggerlugging, the word “e•foil” did not make it into the Oxford English Dictionary this year.

Kai Concepts designer Don Montague defines the term as a “a watercraft equipped with hydrofoils that uses an electric motor or motors for propulsion.” He also builds them.

Controlled via a handheld remote, Montague’s Jetfoilers rely on an electric motor to power them up to cruising speed and then lift up into the air once the hydrofoil is able to work its air voodoo.

Jet Foiler (5 images)

“Jetfoiling is very easy, everybody is able to do it,” Montague says. “If you have enough speed, you just lean backwards and the board will rise out of the water.” While we’re still not entirely sure how the whole thing works, the important thing is that it does.