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Here’s a Rainforest Hotel with Life-Size Dinosaur Replicas, Because Dubai

The world's most practical city planners strike again!

In Dubai, they do things a little bit differently.

They race drones against supercars, make people-sized aquariums and put super-green eco resorts in the middle of the desert

You know: practical s*it.

It should come as no surprise, then, that construction has begun on a hotel and housing development in downtown Dubai that will have a 75,000-square-foot rainforest attached to it.

Equally as unsurprising: said rainforest will contain life-size dinosaur replicas.

Located inside the pair of towers that will make up the Rosemont Hotel & Residences, the outdoor rainforest will be equipped waterfalls, streams and a splash pool alongside a sandless beach, as well as a system that artificially simulates the feeling of being surrounded by mist.

The rainforest — which will be installed on a podium at the base of the 53-story towers — will not be the only attraction at the site, as developers also plan to install a trampoline park, bowling alley, laser-tag course and elevators with floors containing animated fish.

The five-star hotel and residence will cover two million square feet upon completion, cost $550 million to build and feature an array of futuristic amenities, ZAS Architects senior principal DJ Armin told CLAD.

“Technology is key to the concept,” Armin said. “There’ll be a lot — from robot butlers and luggage handlers who greet you when you arrive, to the changing light sequence that will illuminate the facade of the tower. We really want to provide a lot of wow factors.”

Bro, you had us at dinosaurs.