This Rooftop Booze Cooler Is Simple, Ingenious

Even if it’s the craftiest of the crafty, there’s nothing cool about showing up to a party with warm beer.

And thus you end up with a wonderful little invention called the Blitzen.

Dreamt up by Matthew Pegula of Pittsburgh-based design studio Deeplocal after he brought home some warm Prosecco for his wife, the Blitzen Roof Hootch is an aluminum bottle holder that attaches to the roof of a car via magnets and harnesses the cooling powers of Mother Nature to chill the booze strapped into it.

Capable of conveying anything from a beer bottle to a Champagne magnum or 64-ounce growler, the rooftop cooling system is designed to be safe at all legal speeds and works with most standard cars or trucks.

As for chilling time, that depends on a lot of factors, the most important of which is that you need to be driving around somewhere that’s actually, you know, cold.

“Cooling time depends on ambient temperature, car speed, and a whole lot of other factors that some of our engineers here spent way too much time calculating,” Deeplocal says. “The same goes for lateral G-force and speed calculations. It was like a flashback to Calc 2.”

Though not yet commercially available, Deeplocal plans to release a version of the Blitzen in the future. You can make sure you know when that happens by signing up for their email list.